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Bridgestone - POTENZA S001 255/45 R17 98W

4.5 1 Customer Review
Model POTENZA S001 RFT *
Size ? 255/45R17 98W TL
Load Index ? 98
Speed Index ? W
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EU Label ?
71 dB
This tyre is fitted as original equipment on BMW vehicles
Product Details

Vehicle Type Passenger car

Usage Summer tyre


Model POTENZA S001

Width 255

Height 45

Construction R (Tyre of radial construction)

Diameter 17

Load Index 98

Speed Index W (max. vehicle speed 270 Km/h)

Product Description

Group Tires for passenger cars.

Construction R = Radial type tyre.

Load Index Load index 98. The maximum load the tire can carry is 750kg.

Speed Index Approved for speeds up to 270km/h, speed at which the tire can carry a load corresponding to its Load index. For other compulsory details see the vehicle documents.

Tube Less TL = Tubeless Tire.

Manufacturer The manufacturer is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world.

Serie Pure sports performance with superb grip and precision response. High speed stability and excellent road contact. High traction and stable handling in wet weather.

Pattern Design:
The key features of the Potenza S001 are its asymmetrical tread pattern and innovative construction, guaranteeing new levels of sports handling and performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Advanced groove and lug design - suppressing excess pattern and surface noise.
Light weight belt construction - for reducing rolling resistance and higher fuel efficiency.

Dry performance:
Active insert - increasing longitudinal stiffness for improved braking and handling performance while maintaining vertical stiffness for cornering grip and ride comfort.

High grip shoulder blocks - produce outstanding grip through corners.
Longitudinal stiffness generates the high braking force required.

Off-center straight rib - a very good steering response and precision for an exciting sporty feel.

Wet Performance:
High angle lug grooves - aid to improve drainage of excess water from the rib area into the main grooves for hydroplaning resistance.
Wide groove design - provides rapid water evacuation.

Vehicle * mark on the side wall. The tire is optimized for BMW cars.

Customer Reviews (1)
  • September 11th, 2016
    I replaced the RE050A that came on my BMW with the S001. I am glad I did it, because the S001 is leaps and bounds ahead of the RE050As performance. It is quieter although it does like to squeal the moment it starts losing any traction. They have a stiff and strong sidewall, which helps in providing feedback and makes it feel like a sportier and more responsive tyre. I haven’t done enough mileage on the S001s yet to determine how quickly it’s chewing up the tread. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade from the RE050A.
    Based on the following customer ranking: Value for money (4), Tread wear (4), Dry traction (4), Wet traction (5), Ride comfort (4), Low noise (3), Steering response (4)