Tyre HANKOOK TH 10 265/70R19.5 143/141J  TL
Tyre HANKOOK TH 10 265/70R19.5 143/141J  TL
Tyre HANKOOK TH 10 265/70R19.5 143/141J  TL
Tyre HANKOOK TH 10 265/70R19.5 143/141J  TL

Hankook - TH 10 265/70 R19.5 143/141J

Model TH 10
Size ? 265/70R19.5 143/141J TL
Load Index ? 143/141
Speed Index ? J
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EU Label ?
70 dB
Product Details

Vehicle Type Truck

Usage Regular/Long-distance traffic


Model TH 10

Width 265

Height 70

Construction R (Tyre of radial construction)

Diameter 19.5

Load Index 143/141

Speed Index J (max. vehicle speed 100 Km/h)

Product Description

Group Tires for Truck and Bus.

Usage Used for regional or long distance traffic.

Construction R = Radial type tyre.

Load Index Load index 143. The maximum load the tire can carry is 2725kg.

Speed Index Approved for speeds up to 100 km/h, speed at which the tire can carry a load corresponding to its Load index. For other compulsory details see the vehicle documents.

Tube Less TL = Tubeless Tire.

Manufacturer Hankook Tire (CEO Seung Hwa Suh) is one of the world s largest and fastest growing tire manufacturer for radial tires for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and etc.), trucks, and buses.

Hankook Tire also develops cutting-edge technologies to upgrade customer satisfaction through high-quality products.

Through sales in 185 countries around the world, Hankook Tire is ranked 7th in global sales revenue.

The Company has more than 14.000 employees in 4 Regional Headquarters, over 20 overseas subsidiaries and 5 Research and Development Centers around the world and makes 70 percent of revenue through overseas markets.

The manufacturer is one of the leading tire manufacturers in the world.

Serie The TH10 is optimized for medium-haul trailers. These tires offer you the mileage you are looking for.

An area optimized shape with stable tread contour provides the best performance on medium-haul roads. And the asymmetric, lateral profile provides direct driving stability.

The groove is specifically designed in a wide angle for preventing that stones get stuck therein. The wide design with 5 grooves ensures long mileage and improved traction.

Test TRAILER = Optimized for use on trailers and semis.

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