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The Double-Star RH 63 is an ultra-high-performance road and highway tyre with superior driver control. It is designed for use on luxury vehicles and sports cars and has been engineered to offer excellent traction and steering response even at high speeds. It features an asymmetric tread design that is optimised to give a very sporty and punchy feel while driving, perfect for the driver who likes to push their car to the limit. This asymmetry also provides the tyre with optimum wet and dry performance. It also does not compromise on safety despite its affordable and lower price. Four wide circumferential straight grooves push water out fast to avoid hydroplaning, and its wide centre block makes for smooth and responsive steering. Doublestar is a domestic and international Chinese tyre company that produces passenger car, SUV, military, bus and off-road, all-terrain tyres. Its tyres are internationally certified and distributed in 140 countries worldwide.

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