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Buy the Continental EcoContact 6, a summer car and SUV tyre that provides the highest levels of driving safety and fuel economy.

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A New-gen eco tyre for safe economical driving.
Continental tyre technology at its finest

A new standard in eco tyre technology

  • Precisely positioned sipes keep the tyre in full contact with the ground for better overall handling.

  • The Green Chili™ 2.0 compound adapts to the road surface leading to less wear throughout its lifetime.

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The Continental EcoContact 6 also comes in an SSR Run flat tyre version.

No need for a spare tyre. You can get to the nearest petrol station without changing your flat tyre.

SSR or "Self-supporting run-flat tire" is Continental's unique run-flat innovation that keeps tyres compatible with all standard rims for easier wheel alignment and other services.

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