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Tyroola carries a wide range of tyres stocked locally in South Australia. Buy your tyres through Tyroola and get it locally fitted at one of our approved tyre shops around SA.

We carry tyres made by some of the world's best brands at the lowest prices you can find
Atturo, Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Falken, Fullway, Goodride, Goodyear, Hankook, Kenda, Michelin, Minerva, Pirelli, Toyo, and Westlake.

Tyroola promises the cheapest prices for tyres in South Australia. Whatever vehicle you drive, we have the tyre to match at the best cut-price offers you'll find online. Tyroola offers new tyres stocked locally to all our customers. We never sell old or second-hand tyres. We have the best quality tyres in SA at the lowest prices.

South Australia makes up the south-central part of Australia. Of all of the Aussie states, it is the 4th largest and is also the driest in the country. Climate-wise, South Australia is mostly arid, but the south coast areas of the state enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild, more wet winters. Almost 80% of its population is in and around the city of Adelaide with most everyone else settling around the fertile lands of the Southeast coast and the River Murray. Other than the urban areas of Adelaide and its environs, South Australia boasts of wine valleys, coastal villages and islands, fruit growing farms, national parks, gorgeous beaches, spectacular coastlines, treeless plains and deserts, and mountain ranges as well. It has a well-maintained and highly developed highway system, but up in the northern and western regions a lot of roads are still unpaved, made of gravel or packed dirt. Drivers need to be extra careful, aware and prepared. The unique terrain and climate of South Australia must be considered when choosing new tyres.

Buying a new set of tyres can be sometimes confusing since there are just really so many brands and tyre types available. Choosing the right set is extremely important, so your car won't have a hard time handling different terrain and weather conditions. If you are driving around South Australia, summer, all-terrain tyres are an excellent choice. Since it is the most arid state, summer tyres are perfect because they provide superior road grip if it’s piping hot, damp and raining hard on the road. Summer tyres also usually contain additional additives that not only increase road grip but also make them retain stiffness despite high heat. All-terrain tyres, on the other hand, are versatile and adaptable. They provide great traction on rugged landscapes, and muddy terrains yet offer excellent handling for smooth city and highway driving.

Tyroola has over 40 fitment centres across South Australia, and you get full service too! Each centre will dispose of your old tyres as they fit your new ones. They'll replace tubeless valves, balance and even align, though this is an extra option for some, your wheels. So browse and choose your tyres, your SA fitment centre, the time and date you want this to go down and check out.

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At our Tyroola stores in South Australia including Adelaide , Riverland, Barossa Valley, Eyre Peninsula and more, you can be sure that your tyres will be fitted by professionals using only top-shelf equipment for your safety and peace of mind while maintaining the cheapest prices.

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Our South Australia tyres and brands

At Tyroola you can compare tyre prices from premium, mid-range and budget brands for all kinds of vehicles

Popular Tyre Brands in South Australia


Bridgestone is a leading tyre brand that makes high-quality and reliable tyres for passenger cars, trucks, buses, tractors, and so much more. With R&D and constant testing, Bridgestone plans to develop even more longer-lasting and safer tyres in the future. When we say "cheap' tyres, we here in Tyroola mean that we have the lowest prices you can find for even the most premium and top of the line tyres. If you order a Bridgestone, we guarantee you will get the best price

Goodride is a budget tyre brand we at Tyroola highly recommend. Made by the 10th biggest tyre company in the world, ZC Rubber, Goodride has the widest range of tyres out of all the budget brands we have available. If you need tyres for 4x4s, passenger car, SUV, light trucks and high-performance sports cars, commercial vans, Goodride will have an option for you. For our customers searching for cheaper priced tyres in SA, Goodride is one of our top choices for you.

Kumho Tyres is a South Korean brand with warranty guarantees that other brands can't match. Kumho proudly uses technology geared to extend tyre life and increase reliability with each tyre they make. If you are in the market for "Cheap tyres' in South Australia, Kumho might be your best bet. Their range of long-lasting, high-performance, highly affordable, high-quality tyres might be just what you need.

Michelin believes in R&D and technology to enhance reliability and deliver high-performance tyres. Since its humble beginnings in 1889, Michelin is now the 2nd largest tyre manufacturer in the world, producing over 100 million tyres every year. Their solid motorsports experience is the perfect way to test all the new tech they develop. At Tyroola we keep Michelin tyres in stock at the most affordable prices you can find, so Shop Now!

Minerva is a Belgian tyre brand with a wide range of reliable, yet affordable tyres geared towards the European market. It has a broad range of budget-friendly tyres to fit most driving conditions. We at Tyroola "strongly recommend' Minerva Tyres for everyday use.

Pirelli is one of the world's leading tyre brands, producing some of the best and most reliable tyres available. Pirelli is synonymous with motorsports, particularly in Formula 1 since it is the sole tyre supplier of all current F1 teams. At Tyroola, customers on the hunt for "cheap tyres South Australia' will find the best quality tyres at the wholesale prices. Our prices are unbelievably low and unbeatable.

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