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The Chinese manufacturer Fullway Tyres is one of the leading Asian firms in the tyre production sector, and specializes in applying the latest design and production technology. Fullway have rapidly expanded their portfolio of tyres and now offer sophisticated winter and summer varieties, with their treads and specifications optimised for seasonal weather conditions. The firm's focus is on ensuring reliability and excellent handling, while encouraging a smooth ride for users with their finely calibrated balance.

Tyroola ensures smooth delivery to your home or directly to one of our proven, local fitting partners. We offer Australia-wide shipping of Fullway Tyres with free and fast shipping to all metro areas including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

A Pleasant Drive

Fullway Tyres offer a wide selection of seasonal tyres to meet the needs of customers across the world. The tyres are best known for their traction and braking under dry as well as wet conditions. The internal, as well as external noise levels, are extremely low, thus ensuring a pleasant and joyous drive. 

Affordable Tyre Varieties To Meet Any Conditions

At Tyroola, tyres on offer from Fullway include the HP198, which is intended for use with light trucks and SUVs. The HP198 has a load rating of 95, and a speed rating of W, making it suitable for high-speed vehicles. There is also the lighter weight HS288, which is an affordable, high-performance tyre for medium sized vehicles, including light trucks. At 109V, the load rating of the HS288 is high, making it a popular choice for small businesses and industrial uses where conditions can be demanding. The HS288 has a lower speed rating but greater load capability. Other tyre models include the FW200, FW300, FW900, PC368 and HP108 which are affordable, high-performance passenger car tyres that are ideal for summer conditions. With this kind of choice and affordability, Fullway Tyres offers a wide selection that will meet most automotive needs.

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