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Buy the Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Tyre, an eco-friendly and comfortable tyre that guarantees safety on all road and weather conditions.

It is Pirelli's Green Performance Crossover & SUV tyre that takes full advantage of the most modern resources, structures and tread patterns to guarantee savings, respect to the environment, comfort and safety on all road surfaces.

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All-weather Performance for your SUVs

  • Made with an innovative full silica compound for increased fuel efficiency and longer tread life.

  • Four longitudinal grooves quickly drain water for better wet surface grip and enhanced traction.

  • With a large contact patch for road surfaces for stability and safety on dry and wet roads.

  • An M+S rated tyre with high-density lateral sipes that make it ideal for light snow use.

  • Its lightweight construction provides low rolling resistance which decreases Co2 emissions.

  • With two steel belts and a polyester cord body to improve strength, durability and tread wear.

  • A quiet and comfortable tyre, designed using optimised pitch sequence for lower internal noise.

  • SEMA Editor's Choice Award winners for best tyres.

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Tale of the Tape

The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All-Season vs the Competition

Pirelli OEM Tyres

Pirelli's Scorpion Verde AS is fitted as the OEM tyre on some of the best SUV models including the Jaguar F-Pace SUV.

OEM or "original equipment manufacturer", means that the Pirelli. worked with Jaguar to design a tyre model specifically for a brand new vehicle model.

Each OEM tyre is rigorously tested by car manufacturers for added performance, safety, and fuel efficiency parameters.

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