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Accelera Tyres are designed to provide consumers with a unique blend of performance, elegance and safety that ensures optimal traction as well as enhanced tread life. Regardless of whether you drive a light truck or a high-performance sedan, with Accelera and its extensive tyre catalog, you can rest assured there is a quality tyre for your vehicle.

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Offering excellent handling and flexibility, Accelera PHI is an optimal fir for enthusiastic drivers who love to extract the most of their high-performance vehicles

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Accelera Original Equipment Tyres

OEM, short for an original equipment manufacturer, is the specific tyre that is chosen to be fitted on to the vehicle upon its release. Car manufacturers rigorously test the tyre for added performance, safety, and fuel efficiency parameters. Accelera produces tyres that approved to be fitted with the leading car brands in the world, such as Maserati, BMW, Porsche and Audi to name a few.