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Out of all the tyre brands we've discussed here on Tyroola, Monsta is definitely the most fun and on a class of its own because it is 100% Aussie owned and Aussie designed! Yes! For 30 years, Australian tyre retailer Ozzy Tyres imported and sold other tyre brands. But then they decided to venture into manufacturing their own line of specialty rims and tyres because...why not? Monsta is an all-4x4, all-terrain only line that offers the comfort and smooth ride of a road tyre but is a total beast off-road. Although (admittedly) practically like a newborn in the competitive global tyre market vs the geriatrics like Pirelli, Michelin and friends, Monsta has stormed on to the scene with a well-reviewed premium quality product that offers excellent value for money to boot.

Why Monsta tyres?

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Are Monsta tyres worth the price?

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Meet the MONSTA Terrain Gripper A/T

Monsta Terrain Gripper A/T is a high performance all terrain tyre that provides a quiet and comfortable ride both on and off the road. It has excellent grip on loose earth and even muddy and wet conditions and features Monsta signature raised white lettering on the sides for added good looks.

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