Michelin Pilot Sport 5

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Precise Steering Made Thrilling

Buy the Michelin Pilot Sport 5™ , a sports summer road tyre compatible with performance cars and vans.

Michelin’s 5th generation of max performance tyres promises longevity, letting you enjoy more kilometres of confident drives filled with excitement.


Promo runs until 31 July 2024. T&Cs apply

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Michelin Pilot Sport 5 Reviews

Long-Lasting Performance
Style & Substance

Performance as Sleek as Its Aesthetics

  • Its belt, made from nylon and aramid, effectively translates your steering demands, giving you the performance you crave.
  • The tire makes contact with the road surface more efficiently, giving you stability.
  • An inner tread with large grooves and voids channels out water, improving grip on wet roads.
  • Its outer tread displays stiff blocks, guaranteeing dry grip, traction, and braking.
  • A matte-black aesthetic gives your ride a sleek look, hinting at its motorsport performance.

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Why This Tyre?

What's the Pros And Cons?

Michelin Pilot Sport 5 UTQG 340 A A

Compare and Rate Your Tyre on its Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature


340 A A

•  340 Treadwear:
This grade represents the tyre's expected life/duration, ranging between 100 to 1000. Usually, the higher the treadwear rating, the longer the tyre life.

•  A Traction:
This grade represents the tyre's capability to stop on wet asphalt and pavement. Ratings are expressed in letter form, with AA being the highest and C as the lowest.

•  A Temperature:
This grade represents the tyre's heat resistance ability, with A as the highest and C as the lowest. Heat build-up causes the rubber to break down faster, which can cause blowouts. The higher the temperature rating, the longer the tyre life and the higher the speed rating.

Tale of the Tape

The Michelin Pilot Sport 5 vs the Competition

A brand striving for excellence

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