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Give your tyres the protection they deserve. Whether you have compact car tyres or larger, performance tyres, we’ve got you covered.

Our Tyre Protect plans offer peace of mind so you can drive with confidence knowing your tyres are protected. Choose the right plan for your tyre size and drive worry-free.

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How Tyre Protect Works


✅ Designed to get you back on the road.

✅ Pay a one-time premium depending on the size (shipping and fitting not included).

✅ Get coverage for 12 months or until your tyre reaches the minimum legal tread depth (whichever comes first).

✅ Comprehensive protection includes:

  • Repairable and Non-repairable punctures
  • Impact fractures
  • Accidental cuts
  • Kerb damage

✅ Automatic pairing with Tyre Protect:

  • Once you choose your tyre size, it is automatically paired with the appropriate Tyre Protect plan in your cart.
  • You can continue to checkout for maximum protection or easily remove it from your cart if preferred.


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