Fuel economy
Fuel Economy Guide

Fuel Economy 

With high fuel prices, everybody is on the lookout to cut their costs at the pump. Deciding to buy energy-efficient tyres saves you on fuel, reduces your costs and is the ‘green choice’. As the less fuel you burn to get from A to B the smaller the carbon footprint of your journey. Surprisingly, all these benefits do not mean lower safety or a noisier ride. This is because advances in rubber compounds, tread design and sidewall construction make fuel efficiency possible without compromising on comfort and safety.

What makes a tyre fuel efficient?

As you drive down the highway your tyres rotate, flexing towards and away from the road’s surface. This tyre distortion allows energy to be lost. The amount of energy lost depends on rolling resistance. The more energy efficient a tyre the lower its rolling resistance. This means you save on energy – fuel and money – with low rolling resistance tyres. As tyres account for 20 to 30% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption, choosing energy efficient tyres results in big savings.

Measures to save on fuel efficiency

  • Air Pressure: Check that your tyre’s pressure is at the recommended level as optimum pressure improves fuel consumption and braking performance.
  • Uneven Wear: Check for any uneven wear in your tyres, especially on the outside edges of your front tyres. This can indicate a tracking or suspension problem which increases fuel consumption and wears your tyres down more quickly. If it occurs, rotate tyres or seek advice from your local tyre specialist.
  • Smooth Driving: Avoid abrupt acceleration and deceleration. This increases fuel consumption and wears your tyres out.
  • Follow the Guide: Maintain vehicle as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Drive Light: Driving with extra weight increases fuel consumption, so regularly clear any non-essential items from your vehicle.

The Big Brands in tyres have all taken the demand to make fuel efficiency a priority seriously. ‘Michelin’ has the Green X range, ‘Bridgestone’ has the Ecopia range and ‘Pirelli’ has the Cinturato range.

Pirelli has always had a keen focus on research and development, investing around 3 percent of revenues each year in this area. This is one of the highest levels of research investment in the tyre industry. The Pirelli P7’s ECOIMPACT technology is the result of this R&D focus with its reduction of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and use of environmentally friendly materials.


The Michelin Pilot Sport 3 UHP is a high performance and energy efficient tyre made from Green Power Compound. This revolutionary rubber compound enables the combination of excellent wet grip with fuel savings and high mileage. The GREEN X technology from Michelin is the latest generation of energy saving tyre.