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The Pirelli Scorpion ATR is notoriously known for its reliability off-road, as well as its superior traction in difficult terrain. With features such as a self cleaning tread pattern, pirelli scorpion atr it is built to handle almost all conditions and has a high resistance to wear. The benefit of the Scorpion ATR is its ability to handle regular driving conditions whilst maintaining its ability as an All Terrain tyre. Its modest tread pattern allows for a safe yet quiet ride, providing acoustic comfort to the driver. The Scorpion ATR is built to handle a diverse range of surfaces including Gravel and Mud. Pirelli has rated the Scorpion ATR's mileage with 8.5/10. Giving it the highest durability rating through-out the Pirelli 4x4 range. The unique tread pattern on the Scorpion ATR traps water in its rippled shaped groves, allowing more water to spread through its grove than a traditional straight line. Ultimately reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Ranging from 14 up to 22 rim sizing, the Scorpion ATR provides the perfect combination of excellent off-road results whilst offering comfort and stability for everyday use.

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