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The P Zero is an ultra-high performance summer tyre first introduced in 1963. Through the years, Pirelli has continuously engineered and improved it and is a particular favourite of top car manufacturers and competitive drivers because of its unbeatable performance on the track. Featuring an asymmetric tread pattern moulded from silica and high carbon black, the P Zero also has a customised inner tread with a more substantial amount of silica to enhance grip in the wet, while the fast-cornering shoulder features siping to quiet the tyre and improve mileage. The P Zero features many cutting edge Pirelli technologies like Seal Inside Technology, which releases a self-sealing compound that forms airtight seals around any punctures 8 out of 10 times. Pretty good odds! It also uses Pirelli’s Sound Cancelling System, a sound-dampening foam that absorbs vibrations so you can enjoy maximum driving performance in peace.

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