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Introducing the Newest P7 Version at the Cheapest Prices Online

Buy the New Pirelli Cinturato™ P7, the latest version of Pirelli's summer touring, high performance tyre designed for medium to high powered cars and sedans.
This highly environmentally friendly tyre takes full advantage of the most modern resources, structures and tread patterns to guarantee savings, safety, comfort and sustainability on all road surfaces.

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Take Total Control of Your Ride
With a strong focus on eco-friendly performance, safety, and comfort by Pirelli

A Premium Tyre Delivering eco-compatibility, protection and performance.

  • Its full silica compound provides a stable performance that can handle a wide range of temperatures

  • With a tread pattern design that harnesses the power of the wind via a smoother sidewall to improve aerodynamics.

  • Better wet handling and a shorter braking distance are guaranteed with special road grip enhancers.

  • Chamfered treads give the car stability through increased steering response and cornering control.

  • Made with advanced hybrid materials that allow for the balanced distribution of pressure for even tread wear and a longer-lasting tyre.

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Pirelli OEM Tyres

Pirelli's Cinturato P7 was developed with some of the world's leading car companies as the OEM tyre for such brands as Alfa Romeo, BWM, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and more..
OEM or "original equipment manufacturer", means that the Pirelli worked with these companies to design a tyre model specifically for a brand new vehicle model.
Each OEM tyre is rigorously tested by car manufacturers for added performance, safety, and fuel efficiency parameters.

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The New Pirelli Cinturato P7 comes available in an RUN FLAT™ and SEAL INSIDE™ version.

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