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Buy the Toyo Nanoenergy 3, an eco-friendly and responsible tyre choice ideal for your daily driving needs.

It is a long-lasting and comfortable tyre that improves fuel efficiency the longer you drive with your family around town.

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It's easy as 1, 2, 3. Just enter your tyre size, pick a tyre and get it fitted

Responsible Motoring Made Easy

Toyo's technology that helps you save on gas.

  • Engineered to be the most durable, ecologically sustainable and comfortable tyre for motorists to enjoy.
  • Specially designed for compact and mid-range vehicles.
  • With a Nano Energy Balance Technology compound which lowers rolling resistance with the road surface, burns less fuel and decreases CO2 emissions.
  • Utilises Toyo's Silent Wall technology, which disturbs the airflow around the tread pattern to lower road noise for a quieter ride.
  • With wide straight grooves to drain water quickly from the tread, preventing hydroplaning.
  • Includes 3D Multi-wave sipes in its shoulder blocks for improved dry grip and minimised irregular tread wear.
  • Designed with High stiffness and low weight casing construction for improved cornering grip and steering response.

Your Toyo Tyre in Action

Why This Tyre?

The Toyo Nanoenergy 3 is an Asymmetrical Tyre


Asymmetrical tread patterns combine different tread types to deliver maximum wet and dry road grip via its inner and middle tread, while outside, larger and rigid tread blocks dominate the design to improve cornering.

To avoid fitting mistakes, asymmetrical tyres are labelled "outside" and "inside only" so you know if they will face your vehicle or out.



  • Perfect for high-performance cars
  • Exceptional cornering ability
  • Superior wet performance



  • Possibly faster wear depending on your driving style
  • Less wet performance
  • Costlier than symmetrical tyres

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The Toyo Nanoenergy 3 vs the Competition

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