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The Goodride RP 28 is summer tyre for sedans and minivans that utilises computer designed, symmetrical tread pattern for lower noise and better performance on wet and dry surfaces. It features four wide circumferential grooves for fast water drainage and enhanced traction on wet roads. Each tyre is constructed using silica technology for lower rolling resistance and increased fuel economy. The compound keeps the tyre flexible no matter the temperature, so it safely holds more of the road when cornering or while quickly changing directions at high speeds. It is a longer-lasting tyre than usual, with engineers ensuring that road pressure is evenly distributed across the tyre surface, so the tread wears out equally. Additional rim protectors have also been included to protect the tyre's internal structure and shield against accidental damage from curbs or road debris. These protectors add to the Goodride RP28's superior handling, steering control and exceptional cornering capabilities

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