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Goodyear is a true pioneer in the tyre industry. They've been around for over 110 years, and are continuously working to make better tyres for many things that move. From monster trucks to airplanes and of course, millions of everyday cars. One notable trait of Goodyear, is their continuous work at developing 'tough' tyres. Tyres meant to take abuse and that can withstand rough riding. They've registered thousands of patents including technologies such as Duraseal which help seal tread punctures, as well as ArmorGrip Technology which uses Kevlar. The same material used in Bulletproof vests. It's very strong and adds a lot of durability to the tyre. Apart from tough tyres, their flagship performance tyre is the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. Delivering maximum grip, responsive handling and great safety. Cost wise, Goodyear has relatively reasonably priced performance tyres, as well as a lot of economical tyres. Some costing under $100 each, along with a range of low rolling resistance tyres to save fuel. Find out more about Pirelli tyres below and buy Tyroola starting from $77


Pirelli is synonymous with sport. Their tyres are known for being some of the best performing and handling tyres on the market. What they learn directly from motorsports helps a lot with the research and development of their road tyres. Overall, Pirelli's tyres have been designed to give you the grip to handle lots of power with confidence. Responsive cornering, great stability, and good traction through all seasons, sun or rain. Their tyres can stop in a shorter distance than most other tyres under braking. Ideal for owners of high performance cars and those who truly enjoy driving. They also have a range of tyres that are good for city and everyday use. Find out more about Goodyear tyres below and buy Tyroola starting from $84

Quick Conclusion

Goodyear's tyres would be worth considering if you need to put your tyres through difficult conditions. Such as off-road and rocky terrain, or on a heavy SUV. They also offer good fuel savings over the lifetime of your tyres and a quiet ride for those who enjoy comfort. Pirelli on the other hand, has been rated as consumer's choice by Canstar blue. They lead the charts in performance and offer fantastic control. Well suited to deliver a great driving experience, but not if you're looking to save money.

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