Goodyear vs Pirelli:
A Tyre Brand Comparison

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Goodyear vs. Pirelli Tyres

Comparing Goodyear and Pirelli are two of the most iconic tyre brands in the market today.

Both produce exceptional tyres that will satisfy any Australian driver. So let's check out what each has to offer as they face off below.

Goodyear: More Driven

Goodyear is a world famous tyre brand that provides amazing driving experiences from Nascar races, exciting off-road adventures and even long, luxurious drives.

It's been around for over 110 years, continuously developing high quality tyres for everything from monster trucks to airplanes and of course, your SUV and more.

Goodyear is a major tyre innovator, with thousands of registered patents for cutting-edge tyre technologies like Durawall, HydroGrip, QuietTread, and Silent Armour that guarantees safety, comfort and maximum fuel-efficiency in every ride.

Cost wise, Goodyear is reasonably priced for the level of performance each tyre offers. It offers a wide range of tyres including fuel-efficient, eco-friendly tyres that are more budget friendly and premium priced sports performance and heavy duty off-roaders for the weekend warrior.

Reviews on Tyroola for Goodyear products are generally favourable as well, with many citing its reliability and durability.

Goodyear Tyres Product Range - starts at $61

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Pirelli: Power Is Nothing Without Control

Pirelli is synonymous with motorsports, crossing the finish line first in many a Formula 1 Grand Prix race since it is currently the league's sole tyre supplier.

It produces many of the world's best high performance tyres, designed to handle the highest speeds while keeping your ride safe and stable even in wet road conditions.

What Pirelli's engineers learn directly from motorsports they immediately apply to their everyday tyres, including the various all-terrain and all-season tyres they offer.

A Pirelli tyre makes cars ultra-responsive, turn and corner with precision and brake more effectively.

It has also put the environment in the forefront of many of their tyre innovations, coming out with a line of eco-conscious and fuel-efficient, high mileage city tyres that don't sacrifice performance.

Reviews from Tyroola customers are quite high for Pirelli's performance though some have concerns regarding its high price point.

Pirelli Tyres Product Range - starts at $135

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So Which Is The Better Tyre? Pirelli Or Goodyear?

Goodyear's tyres would be worth considering if you need to put your tyres through difficult conditions, such as off-road and rocky terrains, or on a heavy SUV.

They also offer good fuel savings over the lifetime of your tyres and a quiet ride for those who enjoy comfort.

Pirelli on the other hand, has been rated as the consumer's choice by Canstar blue.

They lead the charts in performance and offer fantastic control - and are well suited to deliver a great driving experience, but not if you're looking to save money.

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