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The Achilles LTR 80 is the classic light truck tyre. Extremely hard wearing for long tyre life and with a high load rating the LTR 80 will provide years of comfort, safe motoring for commercial and light truck vehicle. Key features - Three Directional Twists And Turns Groove Design - Zigzag Groove On Shoulder Blocks - Circular Sipe Design Key benefits - > Outstanding grip when driving on/off road - > Reduces the rigidness of the tread - > Enhanced the driving comfort

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The Efficientgrip by Goodyear is a long lasting fuel-saver ideal for drivers looking for confident braking performance and a quiet ride. Built with a lightweight structure and advanced tread compound of silica with latest generation polymers - the Efficientgrip saves more energy as it rolls, directly translating into fuel savings for you. The Efficientgrip is built with a unique tread and blade design that sheds water from the tyre, braking fast on wet roads, even braking shorter than four competitors in a test by TÜV SÜD Automotive (2009). Not only does this tyre save fuel and brake confidently- it's also Goodyear's quietest tyre ever - with variable tread block angle and closed-shoulder design to dampen sound and give you a quiet cabin, even at high speed. This tyre features RunOnFlat technology, allowing it to run up to 50mph, even with zero air pressure, and features rim protectors to guard against curb damage, punctures, and abrasions. Drivers report a smoother and better wet grip after switching to this tyre, and are pleased with the quiet, silky smooth ride.

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