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What are run flat tyres?

A run-flat tyre is specially designed to avoid the effects of deflation when punctured, in order to maintain stability. Run-flat tyres give your vehicle the control needed to drive away from potential danger or the tiresome task of changing the tyre. The reinforced, thicker sidewall, and an enhanced heat-resistant rubber, allow the vehicle to go up to speeds of 80 kilometres per hour, even after the loss of some or all air pressure.

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How to get run flat tyres fitted?

Run flat tyres are only advised to be fitted on vehicles that come with TPMS technology, which is why special care must be exercised to ensure the tyre is connected to the relevant sensors – making the fitment different from normal tyres. Before the tyre is fitted, the TPMS aluminium sensors should be equipped with a new rubber grommet, special nickel-plated valve core, and an aluminium retaining nut.

How do run flat tyres work?

Run flat tyres for your vehicle

Tyre pressure monitors were made mandatory on new cars in 2012. Since then, manufacturers have increasingly been fitting run-flat tyres to their vehicles. Companies that use self-supporting run-flat tyres include Mini, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Cadillac, Porsche and Audi. You can find run flat tyres for all popular vehicle makes here.

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Run Flat tyres explained

DSST, EMT, RFT - What does it mean? Run flat tyres terminology

Different tyre manufacturers make use of different terms to denote the run-flat tyre technology series specific to their brand. These abbreviations are generic and revolve around run-flat tyres, self-supporting technology, and the ability to drive on zero pressure. Here’s a list of run-flat abbreviations. Bridgestone RFT (Run-Flat Tyre), Continental SSR (Self-Supporting Run-Flat Tyre), Dunlop DSST (Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology), Goodyear EMT (Extended Mobility Technology) and many more such as ZP (zero pressure), ROF, XRP, RSC, FRT, R/F, VRFC, ZPS, PAX, RF, HRS, TD, MOE.