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The name Nexen is a combination of two future-oriented words; next and century. Consequently, the tyre manufacturer has topped consumer satisfaction indexes and garnered excellent industry reviews for creating high-quality, next-gen products that provide a premium driving experience.

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Equipped with multiple kerfs, or slots in the tread pattern, the Nexen Tyres N3000 delivers excellent traction, even off-road. The four wide, straight tread grooves efficiently drain water away from the tyre, helping prevent hydroplaning.

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Nexen is a popular OEM tyre supplier for many car brands. OEM, short for original equipment manufacturer, means that the tyre company designs a tyre model specifically for a brand new vehicle model upon its release. The tyre is rigorously tested by car manufacturers for added performance, safety, and fuel efficiency parameters. Nexen is the approved original equipment supplier for prestigious car makers such as Volkswagen, FIAT, Chrysler, Hyundai, Porsche, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Mitsubishi and Renault

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