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The Michelin Energy XM2 tyre is a summer tyre designed for MPVs, hatchback & saloon type vehicles like the Citroen C3 Picasso.

It is an eco-friendly tyre made with a special silica compound that reduces friction between the rubber particles, generating less heat. When there is a drop in the temperature generated, less energy is lost, causing a reduction in fuel consumption as well.An 8 to 10 per cent reduction in the rolling resistance of the Michelin XM2 is guaranteed, increasing your fuel savings which not only saves you money but also lessens your carbon footprint.

The Michelin XM2's silica compound is also a Micro-Adaptive Compound optimising the tyre for maximum safety. It is a more flexible tread compound, delivering excellent grip via its ability to embrace and adapt to road surface irregularities quickly and more efficiently.

The Michelin XM2 offers 20 per cent more mileage compared to other tyres in the same class, thanks to Michelin's Alternating Bridging Technology that prevents tyre wear. Alternating Bridging enhances tread block rigidity, so they move less, reducing the rate of tyre wear. Additional Sipes help wet grip performance as well, despite its more rigid tread blocks.

The Michelin Energy XM2 also features optimum void grooves that drain water up to 20 per cent faster than earlier models, away from the tyre's contact patch, to prevent hydroplaning.

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