Green Tyres: Driving the Industry Forward

January 20, 2022

Green Tyres: Driving The Industry Forward

It's no secret that the world is moving towards more sustainable practices across all industries, and the tyre industry is no exception. The continued rise of the hybrid car proves that people recognise the negative impact fuel-powered vehicles have on the planet.

However, not many people think about what tyres are doing to our environment.

In this blog post, we'll explore what green tyres are all about and how they might represent the future of the tyre industry.




What makes a tyre 'green'?

Green tyres or eco-friendly tyres are designed with sustainability in mind. Several factors are needed for a tyre to be considered "Green:"


Organic raw materials

Green tyres made with sustainable raw materials

Tyres use synthetic rubber products and carbon black (derived from burning hydrocarbons like methane and propane) and only a small percentage of natural rubber materials and silica. Synthetic rubber is also a petroleum-heavy product, using 37 litres per tyre!

Tyre companies such as Goodyear, Continental, and Michelin are working on tyres that will use sustainable raw materials such as biomass (agricultural waste), walnuts, Russian dandelions, and the Guayule plant as a rubber substitute. They are also looking into sunflower, soybean and orange peel derived oils instead of petroleum.


Lowered Rolling Resistance


A tyre with lower rolling resistance is considered a sustainable tyre. Rolling resistance is a measure of friction generated between the tyre with the road. The more friction, the higher the resistance and your car will need more fuel to push itself forward. Adding silica to the tyre lowers rolling resistance and improves fuel efficiency. You'll save money at the pump and the environment too.


Recycled Components

Recycled tyres used as pots

The vulcanisation process used to produce tyres is irreversible, so making new tyres derived from old ones is almost impossible. But tyre manufacturers continue to find other alternatives.

Over the past decades, tyre engineers have been developing tyres made from recycled materials, including PET bottles and used oil.

Goodyear has also experimented with devulcanisation, and early results seem promising, recovering almost 80% of raw materials. This could lead to more genuinely recycled tyres (made from old tyres) on the road soon.


The benefits of using green tyres

Reduced environmental impact

Eco friendly tyres

Since green tyres use recycled materials, they save valuable resources, including petroleum and natural rubber.


Improved fuel efficiency


Green tyres deliver fuel-efficient performance because they have lower rolling resistance. You won't need as much petrol to move forward and C02 emissions will also drop for your car, saving both money and the environment. Of course, proper tyre maintenance is still crucial, like regular wheel alignment and balancing services.


Safer driving

Safer Driving

Eco-friendly tyres are engineered to provide exceptional grip in wet conditions, ensuring driver safety. Braking distances are also shorter, so you can stop the car from moving earlier in an emergency.


Affordable price points

Green tyres save you money

Green tyres prices are at par with regular tyres. They can even save you money in the long run: They are long-life tyres, making replacements fewer and far between.


Green tyre options for you

Check these tyres out if you plan to make the switch to green australian tyres in 2022. Reduce rolling resistance by 15% with the Bridgestone Ecopia EP150


Save up to 4,200 km of fuel with the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max.


Get 20% more fuel mileage with the Michelin Energy XM2.


Pirelli's research and development team created the world's first green performance tyre, the Verde All-Season, made with 8% less raw materials for less long term impact on the environment.


The tyres of tomorrow

It's only a matter of time until green tyres are more readily available. The current environmental crisis leaves tyre manufacturers with little choice but to adapt their products to help save the planet.

If you have your wheel or rim width measurement, as well as your backspace measurement, You can now figure out your wheel offset.


Get a set of green tyres today.

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