How to Do Your Own Whitewall Tyres

December 14, 2022

How to Do Your Own Whitewall Tyres

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

There's something about whitewall tyres that instantly invoke a feeling of nostalgia, taking you back to the 1950s when rock and roll was exciting and new. Fast forward to today, and the signature circles of white paint around the sidewall still go well with vintage cars and motorcycles, but they also look right at home on modern-day rides, instantly giving them classic, old-timey vibes.

You can only get these tyres through customization, which can set you back by several hundreds of dollars. But the good news is that you can follow our whitewall tyre hack, which only takes a few hours!

But first, learn how this eye-catching tyre design came to be, how it caught on, and why it slowly faded from the market.


A Brief Timeline of Whitewall Tyres

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

But even if whitewall tyres are no longer in mass production, we still see them from time to time. Why? Some tyre makers sell them to a niche market, while others offer whitewall customization. Vintage lovers now have a choice between the classic thick white stripes of yesteryears or the thinner white circles that give cars an old-fashioned touch.

If you want whitewall tyres, you can also try doing them yourself! Read our step-by-step DIY that's as fun as it is fulfilling.


How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola


How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres

To start doing your whitewall tyres, prepare this checklist:

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola


Ready with all the things you need? Follow these 7 steps to do your whitewall tyres:

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

1. Clean your tyres.

Clean tyres make the paint and primer stick better on the rubber. Do this in a shaded area to keep you and the tyres cool. After thoroughly hosing the tyres down, preferably with a high-pressure washer, apply a cleaning solution. Use a bristle brush or scrubbing pad to remove dirt and grime. Rinse thoroughly, then dry them out with a clean microfiber cloth. Want more cleaning tips? Read our step-by-step guide to cleaning your tyres safely and efficiently.


💡Pro-tip: To make your tyre cleanser, mix a capful of dishwashing liquid in a bucket of water. Cleaning your tyres promotes longer tread life and ensures their grip.


 How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

2. Remove the tyres.

After taking off the hubcap, loosen the nuts with your lug wrench. Put the jack under your car to raise its bottom. To stabilise the jack, put a jack stand or a piece of wood beneath it. Now, you can remove the lug nuts with your hand and remove the tyre.

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

3. Place masking tape.

Lay the tyre on a flat surface covered with cloth or cardboard. Using masking tape, cover the edge of the tread. To shield the wheel from paint, tape cardboard over it. Keep the masking tape smooth and tight on the protected areas so that paint won't seep under it.

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

4. Start with a primer.

To ensure that the paint stays on the tyre, spray all-purpose and water-resistant primer on the rubber. Start from the top, working your way to the bottom. After covering the tyre, allow the primer to dry for about an hour before applying a second coat.


💡Pro-tip: It's best to apply three coats of primer to protect your tyres from discolouring.


How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

5. Time to paint!

You can purchase whitewall paint online or in auto supplies stores. You can also use acrylic paint or spray-on white paint that sticks on smooth surfaces like plastic. Apply white paint on the exposed rubber and let it dry completely. While waiting, clean your paint brush by dipping it into turpentine. Once the first coat is dry, apply a second or third layer to keep the paint nice and even.

6. Apply a clear coat of paint.

When the paint is completely dry, you can apply clear paint for added protection because sunlight can turn the white colour to yellow. When the coating is dry, remove the masking tape and bask in the glory of your new DIY whitewall tyres!

How to Do Your Whitewall Tyres | Tyroola

7. Maintain your whitewall tyres.

Nothing lasts forever, including your DIY project. To maintain your whitewall tyres, clean them regularly. You can also put baking soda on a damp cloth, gently wiping it on your tyres before rinsing. Repeat the process until the white on your tyres pops. If some paint flakes off, use a white paint marker for a quick touch-up.

There you have it! No need to break the bank to get your vintage-inspired white wall tyres. Enjoy your cool ride, and share this article with anyone who wants to go down this fun DIY path.


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