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July 3, 2023

Are New Tyres A Good Gift Idea?

Be it the festive season or a major milestone like a birthday, consider giving new tyres as your gift to a loved one or two. What better gift is there than the gift of safety?

Good Gift Idea

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why new tyres make a great gift - not just during the holidays but all year round.


Why do tyres make a good gift?

  • They provide fantastic driving benefits!

     They provide fantastic driving benefits

            ◦ Increased performance
            ◦ Better mileage
            ◦ Improved traction
            ◦ Comfortable Drive


  • Tyres are practical


Tyres are practical

New tyres - depending on the brand and specs - can get expensive. Giving your loved one a fresh set is a practical gift: they save money, plus you got them something they definitely need. Winning!


  • New tyres will keep them safe.

New tyres will keep them safe

If your loved one is driving around in old tyres with worn-out tread, a great way to show how much you care about them - and their safety - is to give them a new set of tyres.


  • They're for the long haul...until they need a new set


When you give the gift of tyres, it will be a gift that will last a long time. It's not something they'll use once and toss or sit there and not contribute to their daily life.

New tyres are a long-lasting gift - until it's time for them to get a new set again. Their gift can last a good 4 to 5 years with proper maintenance, depending on how they drive. Getting them a yearly tyre maintenance service is a great gift idea for next year as well.


  • It's Unique


A fresh set of tyres is a gift that will stand out above all the other gifts your loved one will receive. It's unique and unexpected and an excellent way to impress someone. They'll surely remember you every time the recipient goes for a drive.


What to consider before buying tyres as a gift?

  • Size

Buying tires size

Before you go to your tyre dealer, be sure you get the correct tyre size details of the car owned by who you plan to give tyres as a gift. Check the tyre's sidewall as well as its owner's manual if you get the chance.


  • Speed & Load Rating

Buying tires Speed and Load Rating

Find out the recommended tyre load and speed rating before buying new tyres as a gift. The speed rating is how fast your tyre can go when carrying a full load, while the load rating is how much weight your tyre can handle.


  • Style and Ride Quality

Style and Ride Quality

What kind of tyres do they need? What type of car do they drive, and what are their usual everyday driving conditions? All these factors will help you determine which tyres to choose as a gift.


Is there a downside to getting new tyres as gifts?

The pitfalls of buying tyres as a gift include:

  • Purchasing the wrong tyre size or tyre type
  • The driver may not like how their new tyres feel or how their car will handle differently.


Get Tyroola Gift Cards! 

To avoid buying the wrong tyres, you can give Tyroola Gift Cards

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How much should I spend on new tyres?

At Tyroola, we have a wide range of tyres available to fit all budgets.

You'll find value for money, regular and premium tyres from the biggest tyre brands in the world, and one is sure to be the perfect match for your loved one's vehicle.


To wrap up (possibly a fresh new set of tyres as holiday gifts):

There are many things that you could give someone for the holidays.

New tyres may not be on your list, but they are a great gift idea for members of your family and close friends.

If you're interested in tyres as gifts, check out our gift cards here and our catalogue of tyres here.

And happy shopping!