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The Kumho Ecsta LE SPORT KU39 tyres is a high-performance sports tyre that delivers dynamic handling in all conditions. Engineered explicitly by Kumho for powerful prestige cars such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Lexus, the KU39 is perfect for the driver who wants to push to the limit in dry and wet street conditions. Each tyre is durable and armed with 'Heat Dimples' that minimises the heat that builds up in the tread blocks. It also employs Kumho's RWI or Rotate Wear Indicators, which provides an actual visual guide for you to monitor the tread life. The Ecsta Le Sport KU39's 'in-out' asymmetrically designed tread pattern and grooves ensure that water is quickly drained to reduce the risk of aquaplaning. This unique pattern also increases braking performance in both wet and dry road conditions.Its solid centre rib provides continuous contact with the road, enhancing your vehicle's steering response and straight-line stability, giving the KU39 a speed Rating of Y. Kumho develops quiet tyres, and the KU39 is no exception. Its Variable tread block design reduces road noise for improved ride comfort and overall driving pleasure.

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Why This Tyre?

Kumho Ecsta LE SPORT KU39 UTQG 280 AA A

Compare and Rate Your Tyre on its Treadwear, Traction, and Temperature


280 AA A

•  280 Treadwear:
This grade represents the tyre's expected life/duration, ranging between 100 to 1000. Usually, the higher the treadwear rating, the longer the tyre life.

•  AA Traction:
This grade represents the tyre's capability to stop on wet asphalt and pavement. Ratings are expressed in letter form, with AA being the highest and C as the lowest.

•  A Temperature:
This grade represents the tyre's heat resistance ability, with A as the highest and C as the lowest. Heat build-up causes the rubber to break down faster, which can cause blowouts. The higher the temperature rating, the longer the tyre life and the higher the speed rating.

The Kumho Ecsta LE SPORT KU39 is an Asymmetrical Tyre


Asymmetrical tread patterns combine different tread types to deliver maximum wet and dry road grip via its inner and middle tread, while outside, larger and rigid tread blocks dominate the design to improve cornering.

To avoid fitting mistakes, asymmetrical tyres are labelled "outside" and "inside only" so you know if they will face your vehicle or out.



  • Perfect for high-performance cars
  • Exceptional cornering ability
  • Superior wet performance



  • Possibly faster wear depending on your driving style
  • Less wet performance
  • Costlier than symmetrical tyres

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