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The Pilot Super Sport is an acclaimed maximum performance tyre for spirited drivers who really care about their vehicle’s tyre technology and achieving top performance. Used as OE on the world’s most sophisticated vehicles like the Ferrari 599 GTO, these tyres were designed and developed from racing tyres to specifically for prototype and GT class cars in endurance races like Le Mans, 12 Hours of Sebring, and Road Atlanta’s Petit Le Mans, setting records at the 2012 Le Mans. The tyre uses an asymmetric design of bicompound tread rubber, one part dry compound side-by-side with latest generation wet compound in board. The low void outer shoulder features track type compound to withstand the high stress of cornering. Sidewalls are a perfect balance between stiff and flexible for perfect handling. Notched center ribs and inboard compound deliver high performance at high speeds in wet conditions. The internal structure is reinforced with Twaron (a high strength polyamide fiber used in bulletproof clothing) wound around steel belts. Drivers everywhere rave about these tyres - and say they will transform your ride, grip pavement right off the line, and feel every part of the road through your steering wheel. The Pilot Super Sport is top rated out of all tyres in the maximum performance category.

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