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Kenda is one of the leading tyre manufacturing company based in Taiwan. They began in 1962 producing bicycle tyres and today they produce tyres for bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, golf carts, farm equipment, trailers, lawn mowers, industrial equipment (forklifts etc.), automobiles, and even wheelchairs. Yep - basically anything that needs wheels. Joint ventures with companies like Cooper Tire and Total Fuels have also added to their expertise as tyre manufacturers. With multiple factories in Taiwan, Vietnam, and China, Kenda produces thousands of tyres annually, fuelling their growth globally. The company also sponsors the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers (how cool is that!) and the National American Multiple Sclerosis Society's Bike MS150, a fundraising cycling event to help combat MS.

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Kenda Key SUV Tyre The Klever HP KR15

The Kenda Klever HP is a high-performance comfort SUV tyre with manufacturing features that provide a safe, comfortable and quiet ride in any condition.

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