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The Kenda Klever KR15 HP by Kenda is a tyre built to deliver stable handling with outstanding comfort for larger SUVs. A solid centre rib gives it constant road contact for increased stability and consistent road holding while siping around the tyre increases wet grip and dampens vibrations for an enjoyable driving experience. Kenda is renowned for producing rugged, dependable tyres favoured for off-road, all-terrain, and extreme driving demands, and the Klever HP KR15?s features all add up to bring you a tyre with rugged construction that can reliably handle larger SUVs and the load they carry, while still delivering agile handling with powerful braking and acceleration. The Kenda Klever HP KR15 is M + S rated, so you can rely on it performing even in muddy and snowy conditions, and is ideal for the SUV driver who wants a comfortable, smooth ride even in unpredictable road conditions, no matter what.

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