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Sime Tyres

Sime Tyres offer an outstanding alternative to big name brands, providing high quality tyres at affordable prices. Continental Sime Tyre AS is a subsidiary of Continental AG, the world’s fourth largest tyre manufacturer a leading supplier of sensor and electronic systems, vehicle dynamic control and brake and tyre technology. Founded in 1979 the company was formerly known as Sime Tyres International (M) before changing to its current name in October 2003

Partnership with Continental

Continental’s globally acclaimed technology is implemented throughout the production process to ensure product quality and manufacturing volumes meet the high company standards.  Sime produces a large range of tyres for commercial and passenger vehicles, including performance and 4×4 vehicles.

German Research and Development

Research and development is carried out mainly in Germany and supported by Continental Tyre PJ Technology Centre in Petaling Jaya with laboratories having IEC/ISO 17025 certification.

Dual manufacturing facilities

Manufacturing is carried out in two factories:

  • Continental Sime Tyre AS in Alor Star, Malaysia specialising in high quality light truck and passenger car radial tyres.
  • Continental Sime Tyre PJ in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia specialising in high quality bus and truck radial tyres as well as for industrial, mining and agricultural use.

Global Infrastructure

Continental has in excess of 167,000 employees in 46 countries, and has a range of R&D facilities producing instrumentation, systems and components, brake systems, vehicle electronics and technical products, Continental is an expert in automobile communications, and with Sime, contributes to climate protection and enhanced vehicle safety.

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