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Sumitomo is a premium tyre brand from Sumitomo Rubber Industries, one of Japan’s leading businesses and positioned amongst the largest global manufacturers.  With a long history of innovative technology and precision engineering, Sumitomo offers a complete selection of light truck and passenger tyres to suit a range of vehicles and driving styles. Sumitomo Tyre is an international brand with a primary goal to compete on real world performance, customer service and product quality.

Epa Smartway Verified

Sumitomo meets the EPA SmartWay criterion and requirements for reduced rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions. Components manufactured with SmartWay verified technologies lower the cost of operation, and lower the impact of manufacture on the environment.

Environmentally Friendly, Innovative Design

Innovative S-Tech casing designs combined with lower rolling resistance gives extended mileage and reduced fuel costs, making Sumitomo the first choice for drivers who care about the environment and who also want to improve long term value.

Tyroola's Range of Sumitomo Tyres

  • HTR 200 is a high-performance passenger tyre that ensures superior grip on dry as well as wet surfaces and greater control.
  • HTR T4 is a premium touring tyre that's reliable, safe as well as stylish. Its functional asymmetric design ensures superior performance.
  • HTR ZII is an ultra high-performance tyre that offers the ultimate grip on wet or dry conditions. Its variable width lateral grooves minimise tread noise and deliver a smooth and comfortable drive. 
  • HTR ZIII is a maximum performance tyre built with five rib asymmetric tread pattern. Its delivers improved wet and dry traction, outstanding control, smooth drive and a new level of maximum performance.

Mix of Value, Quality, And Technology

Sumitomo tyres are designed for modern performance cars, and features such as pitch variation noise control and micro carbon compounds maximize comfort, mileage and handling. Meaning you enjoy lower fuel consumption, better performance and smoother running. No other company can match Sumitomo’s mix of value, quality, and technology.

Exceptional quality control and innovative design makes the difference - built for casing durability and enhanced tread life. With quality, technology and value to match, this all sums up Sumitomo as today's high performance, high value alternative.

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