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Vredestein Tyres

The Vredestein tyre brand is more than 100 years old and is renowned as a premium tyre brand within the international automotive industry. It began as a small Netherlands based rubber manufacturing company that has now grown into a leading global tyre designer and manufacturer.

High Performance Products

Vredestein are particularly well known for their high performance winter and summer tyres, but also produce industrial and agricultural tyres, tyres for specialised applications and bicycle tyres.  It designs and produces superior quality tyres via a business network throughout North America and Europe.

Apollo Vredestein BV

Vredestein was taken over by the Indian company Apollo Tyres Ltd in 2009, and the company was renamed Apollo Vredestein BV. The majority of their production occurs in the Netherlands, and continued investment has continued to expand their production capacity.

Global Production Capacity

Following acquisition by Apollo Tyres Ltd, access to Middle Eastern and Asian markets improved, and tyres for industrial applications and agricultural vehicles are produced in East Asia. In addition to Indian production, more than six million tyres are produced in the Netherlands every year, and agriculture products are also manufactured there. The company has a global workforce in excess of 1700 people, present in 18 countries worldwide.

Giugiaro Design Studio

The Vredestein brand collaborates closely with renowned Italian designer Giugiaro Design, and through this brand alliance has allowed Vredestein to develop into a premium brand, with design and safety as its most defining characteristics. Vredestein tyres have won international awards time after time.

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