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The Continental SportContact 6 is a maximum performance summer tyre designed to meet the high speed requirements of the world's best performing vehicles.

It offers drivers "thrilling safety" with maximum control on any street and at higher speeds.

Continental's innovative Black Chili tread compound - derived from special racing grade carbon black - provides maximum grip on the road and in all directions to ensure a supreme driving experience.

Its asymmetric tread pattern has a continuous centre rib for lateral stability and constant road contact improving steering response and ensuring a comfortable ride.

Deep circumferential tread grooves and lateral notches help to disperse water from the tread, reducing the risk of hydroplaning - to keep you safe in wet road conditions.

It also features Aralon350™, Continental's new adaptive hybrid cap ply for maximum stability at higher speeds - all the way up to 350km/h.

In March of 2020, the Continental SportContact 6 secured the top spot in AutoBild Sportscar's annual summer tyre test, earning exemplary ratings and beating nine other competitors.

AutoBild described the tyre as “A top-class sports tyre delivering precision steering, sporty-dynamic handling and short braking distances in dry conditions, stable lateral guidance in the wet and good resistance to aquaplaning.”

It is truly one of the best tyres for safety, high-speed performance and handling.

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