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Buy the Continental SportContact 6, a tyre that meets the high-speed requirements of the world's best performing vehicles.

It offers a new era in tread pattern, giving drivers "thrilling safety" with maximum control, steering precision and support on any street even at the highest speeds.

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Enjoy Safety on Any Street and Control at Any Speed‍‍‍.

  • Uses a racing grade carbon black for multi-directional grip on the road.

  • Its asymmetric tread pattern ensures best steering precision and response for a comfortable ride.

  • Its tread pattern development greatly delivers support for lateral forces during cornering.

  • Designed with deep circumferential tread grooves to keep you safe in wet road conditions.

  • It is the Winner of the Australian Motor Magazine Tyre Test 2018 as the best tyres for safety, high-speed performance and handling.

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The SportContact 6 vs the Competition

Continental OEM Tyres

The Sportcontact 6 is the chosen Original Equipment tyre for the Honda FK8 Civic Type R helping it clock in a New Lap time record on the infamous Nurburgring-Nordschleife, one of the most celebrated and historic racetracks in Europe.

Continental's engineers designed a bespoke tyre specifically for this and many other new vehicle models.

Each OEM tyre is engineer-tested to ensure it meets the performance, safety, and fuel efficiency standards that benefit the vehicle.

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The Continental SportContact-6 comes available in an SSR or Run-flat version that will keep going even if it is punctured.

You can head to the nearest petrol station without having to stop at the side of the road to change your flat.

Continental Tyres has developed the SSR Runflat technology which allows you to drive up to 80 km after a puncture at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

No spare tyre is necessary and they are also fuel-efficient and compatible with conventional rims for easier wheel alignment.

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