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Delinte Tyres

One of the main consumer brands of global tyre manufacturer Sentury tyres, Delinte tyres have quickly established themselves as one of the most trusted names in the premium tyre market. Providing high-end, high-performance tyres at competitive prices, Delinte has grown accustomed to a reputation for exceeding expectations. Boasting a European engineering team with over 80 years of combined experience, they now cater to several premium motoring markets, including touring car tyres, high speed motoring and even sports utility vehicles.

With a focus on catering to high performance and low-profile vehicles, their range includes several well reviewed and widely used performance tyres including the Thunder D7, the Desert storm D8 and the DH2.

  • The Thunder D7 is a recent creation designed to deal with the extreme conditions and challenges that modern motoring can present. Created from an optimized compound and combined with finely engineered spinning designs, the tyre is able to create a balance between traction performance, fuel economy and an enjoyable ride.
  • The Desert Storm D8 was designed as the ideal all-rounder. An all-season tyre designed for sustaining traction, ride comfort and performance in dry, wet or snowy conditions.The D8 is created from a silicon compound and incorporates sipe distribution and longitudinal grooves for increased gripping power, especially in the wet.
  • The DH2 is an all-season performance touring tyre that is manufactured with ultra-wear-resistant tread compound, a unique tread compound that decreases rolling resistance.

With a rapidly growing customer base, an ever increasing range of specialities and a reputation for sticky, durable tyres, Delinte tyres are not a brand to be overlooked or underestimated, lest you want to see them breeze past you on the tarmac one day!

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