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Laufenn from the German word run Tyres was launched in 2014 as an entry-level brand by Korean tyre giant Hankook. Despite its relative youth, Laufenn has already made serious inroads in the global tyre market. Manufactured at Hankooks state-of-the-art plant in Indonesia, it is perfect for drivers looking for a practical set of tyres that will still deliver performance and style. German name, Korean, Modern, so good so far!

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Introducing the Laufenn S Fit AS

Laufenn ultra high-performance all-season S FIT AS tyre is designed for drivers looking for top-of-the-line performance and optimal fuel economy. Its advanced asymmetric tread pattern enables excellent performance for any road or driving conditions. It is perfect for the smart and frugal Aussie who want to ensure high mileage and a safe ride.

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