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Pace Tyres was founded by Mike Zhang in 2002, and has swiftly expanded into a major international tyre manufacturer. The firm has a presence in North America, South America and Asia, although it is based in Shanghai, China. Pace was designed to be an international operator, and has staff with close knowledge of local markets, as well as a network of sales agents across the world, including Australia. Major clients include Goodyear and Bridgestone, but Pace also meets the needs of small retailers and warehousing companies.

Manufacturing High Quality Summer And Winter Tyres

Pace Tyres offers a range of summer and winter tyres. Their summer tyres may be of most interest to Australian customers. Models include the Azura selection, which is intended for use with heavy loads; the Alventi selection, which is generally used at higher speeds, and the PC range, which is designed for use at lower speeds. 

The Company's Most Popular Lines Of Tyre

The company offers a number of popular and respected brands and are best known for their reliable summer tyres selection.

  • The Azura is a popular choice for family cars and hauliers, as well as 4x4 off road driving and personnel carriers, with its ability to endure heavier loads and work well at high speeds.
  • The Alventi is suitable for use with faster and smaller performance cars.
  • The PC range is a popular choice for city driving.
  • The Toledo is a workhorse tyre, which is durable and strong for use in demanding environments.

Fast delivery to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane along with free shipping across all major metros.

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