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If your Lexus R tyres show signs of wear and tear then consider new tyres before they become a liability. The role of tyres in your onroad safety are pivotal. Tyroola offers tyres from international brands and has affiliated fitters across Australia. Tyroola are also very competitive when it comes to price. Tyroola aims to keep the cost of their products and services as low as is viable to ensure customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Lexus RX is a mid-sized luxury crossover SUV that has been on the market since 1998. While the first generation of the Lexus RX was compact in size, the second and third generation were classified as mid-sized. Both front and four-wheel drive options are available within this range. The success of the Lexus RX has been particularly strong in the United States. In the US it has been the best-selling luxury SUV since it first came on the market and has inspired several rival brands to create models closely resembling it. The Lexus RX is the top selling Lexus hybrid, with sales of 259 thousand cars out of the 500 thousand Lexus hybrids sold through to November 2012. The Lexus RX scores a total of five stars out of a possible five stars for overall safety in the NHTSA rankings. Your general safety in terms of the quality of your Lexus RX tyres should be safeguarded by regular inspections. The inspection or replacement of your tyres is one of those small things you can do to maintain a spotless safety record.

When it seems your Lexus R tyres can no longer do the job of keeping you safe then the time has come to contact Tyroola's experts. Their customer service is available to advise you to make the most economical choice. Call Tyroola customer service on 1300 738 040.

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