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Mazda 626 Tyre

Driving on balding is a safety hazard drivers need to take responsibilty for. If you have Mazda 626 tyres that need a fitter to repalce them then try out our online tyres. At Tyroola we have affiliated fitting stations all around Australia to assist you with the process and offer a variety of international brands at discounted prices. For some tyres Tyroola is in the position to offer up to 50% off!

The Mazda 626, also known as the Mazda Capella, is a mid-size car manufactured 1970 to 2002. The Capella platform was also used to create the Ford Telstar and Ford Probe. Over 4 million of the Mazda 626 and Ford Telstar models were sold worldwide. It is available in a variety of different body versions, such as notchback, hatchback, coupe and wagon. The 2002 model was replaced by the Mazda 6 and on the 30 of August of the same year the last 626 was produced. To ensure the safety of your Mazda 626 tyres quality needs to be a top priority.

Do not hesitate to call Tyroola for the repalcement of your Mazda 626 tyres. Their customer service team are trained to give you all the assistance you need to get the results you want on 1300 738 040.

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