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The Seat Ibiza is a super mini car first launched in 1984 at the Paris Motor Show. The model badge Ibiza is named after the Spanish island of Ibiza and is the best selling car for the Seat brand. The Ibiza uses Volkswagen Platforms, parts and technologies and comes in three door or five door variations. Between 1993 and 2008 the Ibiza was also available in a saloon, estate, and a coupe version which were sold as the Seat 'Cordoba'. In 2010 another estate version was produced called the Ibiza ST. The Ibiza is now in its fourth generation and it is still manufactured under license in China by the Nanjing Automotive Group. The safety record of the Ibiza as tested in 2002 by the EuroNCAP comes in at four out of a possible five stars. When driving on your Seat Ibiza tyres it is best to be aware of the pivotal role tyres play in the overall safety of your driving experience. Be careful in the upkeep of your tyres.

For new Seat Ibiza tyres, our customer service experts are easy to contact on 1300 738 040. The Seat Ibiza tyres you have today can be disposed of by Tyroola's affiliated fitters and if you don't want the tyres delivered to your home, then the fitters can receive them for you. You can just wait at home until the fitters call you and drive in on the day to be home with a new set of tyres on your car by later that same day.

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