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The Achilles ATR by Achilles is a high performance tyre for drivers who want sporty handling at an affordable price. The ATR Sport features stiff sidewalls that hold your tyres strong, so you can changes lanes, corner, and handle crisply. The directional tread design has a solid center rib for continuous contact with the road for stable, reliable road holding. Wide ribs with water channeling shed water out of the shoulders increasing your tread’s contact on wet roads. The silica tread compound, using EcoSafe technology reduces your rolling resistance, making these tyres more fuel efficient, without compromising grip. The advanced offset design transfers more of your steering force directly to the road, for more powerful handling and steering response. The ATR Sport is also constructed with wide steel belt for high durability and responsiveness, 3D surface block technology for quiet and comfortable ride, and rim guards to protect your wheels from abrasion damage. Drivers love the ATR Sport tyres for their outstanding performance for value, and are recommended for drivers of performance cars, daily drivers, and SUVs.

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