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The Sailun Terramax ATtyre is an all-season tyre designed for SUVs, pickups and vans that delivers superior traction, exceptional handling and all-terrain stability while providing passengers with a comfortable ride. It boasts of a whopping 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty and has a Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certification proving that it can perform very well in severe snow. Its tread pattern is aggressive, with an open design that efficiently expels water, snow, slush and mud, so traction is not compromised whatever the terrain. Stone ejectors as well are part of the tread, so rocks and other debris get pushed out keeping the tyre strong and durable and protected from possible punctures. The reinforced solid centre rib design also gives you the driver superior tyre comfort and control. The Sailun Terramax AT is genuinely a hard-working tyre that will provide all you need - whatever the weather and terrain.

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