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The Wideway Powerway All-Terrain tyre is an eco-friendly tyre meant for driving in all types of weather. Constructed with a special tread compound and armed with a wide contact patch or footprint, the Powerway AT delivers enhanced braking on both wet and dry roads. Four main circumferential zigzag grooves work in tandem with rough lateral blocks to provide the tyre with excellent all-terrain traction. Its stellar wet grip performance - and overall safety is ensured as well by its open shoulder grooves that prevent dangerous hydroplaning situations by draining water out quickly. It is a superior and durable off-roader thanks to Wideway engineers' strong structural design and jointless nylon bad that strengthens its carcass. The addition of a block-tread design with multiple sipes also adds to its longevity by providing superior off-road traction along with significantly reducing tread damage. The Wideway Powerway All-Terrain tyre is available in 9 sizes and features distinctive white-letter styling for an artistic flair.

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