Goodyear vs. Yokohama
Goodyear vs. Yokohama tyres

Goodyear vs. Yokohama tyres

Goodyear vs. Yokohama tyres


Yokohama is a Japanese brand founded in 1917 who's synonymous with delivering sports car performance tyres, and always keeping up with times. Yokohama tyres are used in the World Touring Car Championship. Testing on similar, more powerful versions of road going cars you drive with, but at very high speeds and under a lot of stress. This testing helps develop their Advan® line of ultra high-performance tyres, which are known to give a smooth ride, great comfort and handling under all conditions. It's not only performance tyres Yokohama produces. They also have their BlueEarth® line of tyres which are meant for everyday passenger car use. It features fuel savings and a low starting price. Finally there is their Geolander tyres for SUVs and Crossovers, which are 'Designed to go anywhere'. Featuring a long tread life and traction in all seasons, including snow. Yokohama uses Orange Oil technology in quite a few of their tyres. It helps the tyre's adhesion at the microscopic level, which leads to great grip in wet and dry conditions, but not at the expense of high tyre wear or more rolling resistance.


Goodyear is a much larger company than Yokohama, producing tyres for many different purposes and vehicles. They have a strong focus on designing very durable tyres. The technology Goodyear has developed include Duraseal technology as well as Armorgrip which contains Kevlar. This makes the tyre very strong and resistant to puncture on rough roads. Similar to Yokohama's Advan range of tyres, Goodyear also has their own high performing flagship passenger tyre, which is the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. It's a very responsive tyre, that delivers great wet and dry weather grip. Their EfficientGrip line gives you a silky smooth ride, and their Assurance Triplemax Line boasts great safety standards. It has a shorter wet braking distance than most tyres, a high level of durability, and gives you good fuel savings. A good choice for family cars who want more safety.


Both brands are rated very similarly. Which you ought to choose, depends a lot on the use you intend to put it through. Yokohama and Goodyear both have tyres that are proven to work well on all terrains. Goodyear has a lot of experience creating some very robust tyres, whilst Yokohama has a range of models that are a great fit for performance and sports car use.

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  Yokohama Goodyear
Stopping ability 4 4
Life of tyre 4 4
Value for money 3 3
Dry weather handling 4 4
Wet weather handling 4 4


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