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The Accelera Phi R is an affordable, all-season tyre engineered for ultra-high-performance luxury sports the upgraded version of the Accelera PHI with an updated tread design.The tyre features a unique compound that stays flexible whatever the temperature, distributing weight evenly so that the tread wears out equally as well. This compound keeps the tyre light, reducing rolling resistance which lowers fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The Accelera PHI R has four wide circumferential grooves that drain water and keep the tread dry. These grooves cool overheated tread down as well for optimal grip no matter the weather. Its large shoulder blocks improve cornering stability while additional sipes reduce tyre noise for a quiet and comfortable ride. Accelera employed a triple rib design, with each rib made stiff and sturdy to guarantee high-speed stability, superior traction and responsive steering.

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