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The Nexen N3000 is a high-performance summer tyre for sports cars, coupes and sedans. It is an affordable tyre full of premium features to satisfy any driver. The N3000's does solid work in providing superior wet and dry traction due to a directional v-shaped tread pattern that improves handling on wet roads. Aqua grooves quickly drain water from below the tread to reduce the risk of dangerous hydroplaning. Its unique arrow-shaped centre rib offers impressive stability, braking and cornering performance, especially during higher speeds.Nexen guarantees strength and durability by reinforcing two steel tyre belts with nylon while its polyester cord body ensures exceptional ride quality. It is also a quiet tyre, with lower than expected noise levels since Nexen uses five random pitch variations that greatly diminishes tread pattern noise. The N3000 comes in 16� 24-inch sizes with speed ratings of W and Y.

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