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The Nexen N Priz AH8 is a grand touring tyres designed for family sedans that offer year-round traction in dry, wet and light snow conditions. Released in 2016, the N Priz AH8 was the chosen original equipment tyre for the Kia Optima and other vehicles. Nexen's exclusive all-season tread compound combined with a symmetric tread pattern enables the tyre to offer optimal vehicle handling and improved ride comfort. Its tread pattern features a uniform block position, and along with extra rigid shoulders, increase braking capabilities and improve acceleration performance for a more safe ride.The Nexen N Priz AH8 has also received many positive reviews for its long tread life as well as its superior traction in the snow. These reviews are due to several tyre innovations, including the placement of many lateral grooves and additional sipes around the tread, which makes the tyre more stable and increases traction on wet and snow-covered roads. This stability contributes to a longer-lasting tread. Another innovation is the inclusion of unique wave sipes that work well in the snow, making the N Priz AH8 one of the most superior all-season tyres for snow, slush and other winter conditions. Finally, Nexen employs twin steel belts and spirally wrapped nylon to ensure extra structural strength and durability, again making the tyre last longer.

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