Michelin vs. Pirelli tyres
Michelin vs. Pirelli tyres

Michelin vs. Pirelli tyres

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Pirelli - the ultimate driving experience

As one of the most prestigious tyre brands in the world, Pirelli's tyres are known for keeping fast and high-performance vehicles pinned to the road. They're continuously innovating their tyre technology as a result of their association with Formula 1, and other racing series they support. Pirelli's tyres are designed to give you the grip to handle lots of horsepower, and keep your car stable in various conditions: wet and dry, summer through winter. With some of the best handling tyres on the market, your car will respond to inputs better. Making it go around turns easier and stop more effectively under braking. Pirelli has a few types of tyres for city cars that offer more fuel savings, but indeed they're focused on making their high-performance tyres offer the ultimate driving experience. As they say, "Power is nothing without control". With some of the best gripping tyres on the market, Pirelli tyres generally do wear out faster and need replacing sooner.


Michelin - reliability and safety

Michelin's slogan is “Total Performance”. They're focused on bringing you the whole lot. Good handling, longevity, fuel-saving, comfort and safety. Like Pirelli, their tyres are also used in major racing leagues such as the World Endurance Championship. Michelin has been making tyres since 1880 and provides tyres to over 170 countries. They're one of the top 4 tyre manufacturers in the world, so naturally they strive to serve the everyday driver's needs. They do have sport tyres, but many more types of tyres that offer superior reliability, cost-savings, and relaxing precision. With Michelin, you'll get tyres that handle pretty well, keep your car safe, save money, and get you around in comfort. They may not be the cheapest brand, but you get what you pay for.



Both manufacturers are racing at forefront of tyre innovation. Each one looking to get more grip, durability, and better handling from their tyres. Few other brands can claim to have the knowledge Michelin and Pirelli do from all the extensive and rigorous testing done directly with car manufacturers. Pirelli's performance orientated tyres do go up to a higher price, but they also have a good variety of entry-level options. Whereas Michelin has more to offer for the everyday use tyre, ideal for family and company cars.

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  Pirelli Michelin
Stopping ability 5 4
Life of tyre 4 5
Value for money 4 4
Dry weather handling 5 4
Wet weather handling 5 4


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