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Front Wheel Alignment

Is your car leaning uncontrollably either to the left or right while driving? It might be time to get your wheels realigned. When you get proper wheel alignment regularly, you'll enjoy a smoother and safer ride while also prolonging the life of your tyres.

What is wheel alignment?

Alignment is when your car's suspension is adjusted so that the tyres are at the optimum angles when they contact the road.

What is Front wheel alignment?

You may have heard of the term "front-wheel alignment" in addition to "wheel alignment." These terms essentially mean the same thing; If you need to have all four wheels aligned, you need a "wheel alignment." But if you only need your front two wheels aligned, you need a "front-end alignment."

Three reasons why you might have Front-wheel Alignment

  • Accident or Collision Impact.

  • Worn down suspension components.

  • Wheel and tyre height modification without adjusting the suspension.

Four signs of front-wheel misalignment

1. Your vehicle is leaning to the left or right

2. Off-center steering wheel

3. Shaky Steering Wheel

4. Tyres wears out faster

Can I drive with a misaligned front wheel?

We don't recommend driving with a front-wheel misalignment. It can lead to further damage as well as the following:

  • You'll have to replace your tyres faster

  • Increase in fuel consumption

  • Costly suspension adjustments and potential repairs

  • Compromised steering capabilities

Front Wheel Alignment in action

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