15 inch Tyres


The 15 inch tyre is suitable for a wide range of vehicles from city sedans to off-road 4WD vehicles and station wagons. The 15inch is a very versatile size of tyre and is manufactured in all tread patterns and styles. The 15inch tyre generally comes with an extended tread life.

The description of 15 inch refers to the final number on the alphanumeric digits that describe the measurements of a tyre. These last two digits sometimes with a decimal number at the end are specific to the diameter of the tyre. The first measurement, (three digits), is measured in millimetres and refers to the width of the ground-facing wall of the tyre. The second measurement, (two digits), and sometimes a letter as well, refers to the ratio, (%), of the side-wall to the width of the ground-facing wall. The letter is a further specification relating to tyre construction or speed rating.

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Tyroola offers a large range of different tyre sizes. You can find the size either on the sidewall of your current tyres or in your car manual. Along with the manufacturer name, you can find a set of numbers and letters that help you to find the preferred tyre that fits your car. Here is a description of what those numbers mean:

(225) TYRE WIDTH:The first three-digit number is the width of the tyre from sidewall to sidewall measured in millimeters. For example in a size 225/45 R17 tyre, the width is 225 millimeters.

(45) TYRE PROFILE:Also known as aspect ratio, is the ratio of the tyre sidewall to the width of the ground-facing wall. It is the two-digit number after the slash in a tyre size. For instance, in a tyre sized 225/45 R17, the 45 means that the height is equal to 45% of the width of the tyre. Thus, the higher the aspect ratio, the bigger will be the sidewall of the tyre.

(R17) RIM DIAMETER:The last two digits stand for the size of the rim measured from one end to the other. It tells us the size of the wheel onto which the tyre can be mounted. For example, a 225/45 R17 tyre fits a rim with a 17 inch diameter.

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