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The ContiSportContact 5 by Continental is a summer maximum performance tyre for spirited drivers of high performance and luxury passenger vehicles on racetracks, road, or summer cruising. This tyre is engineered to adapt in any situation, holding the road in cornering, gripping quickly in acceleration, and offering powerful braking in all weather conditions. Featuring an asymmetric tread, the ContiSportContact 5's use a macroblock outboard shoulder to deliver powerful, stable cornering. Four circumferential grooves shed water for wet traction, while a continuous central rib and notched intermediate ribs give you excellent stability and straight line tracking. Molded from Continental's proprietary Black Chili Compound, using short-chain polymers to improve thermal capacity - for increased performance at high temperatures, and long-chain polymers to store and release energy, giving the tyre lower rolling resistance so you get more efficiency, in both performance and fuel use. These tyres are very robust, using twin steel belts covered in spirally-wrapped polyamide (a material used in bulletproof clothing), enhancing your ride quality by balancing flexibility with lateral rigidity. The ContiSportContact 5's are best for high performance drivers who expect a lot out of their tyres, and were rated ‘Very Good‘ By Czech auto magazine Autoklub (2016).

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